Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia

Kidsafe depends on the generous support of donors and supporters;
its own fundraising and fee for service activities; specific project funding
and agreements with government to enable ongoing activity and services.
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The Gro Company have committed to working in partnership with Kidsafe Australia over the next few years to promote safe infant sleeping and help to reduce SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents in Australia. Funds from the sale of Gro bags are donated to Kidsafe Australia to support sleep for all babies.

For more information about The Gro Company - the No. 1 baby sleep bag brand in the UK and Australia visit 

Have a look at the Safer Sleep for Infant campaign by Kidsafe and the Gro Company by clicking here.

Financial Sponsors:

Find A is Australia's largest online babysitter website! We pride ourselves on helping parents find the perfect nanny or babysitter for their families' needs. The site is based on our values of respect, honesty, integrity, transparency, innovation, excellence, reliability & responsiveness.            

Individual state sponsors:

Each individual Kidsafe across Australia is supported by a number of generous sponsors & partners.
Visit your local State/Territory Website to find out who they are.